Dr. Wheeler is an awesome dentist that really cares about his patients. I developed tooth pain in the evening on December 28th. By the next morning, I knew I needed to see the dentist and called his office and left a message since there was no answer. I got a call back later that afternoon from one of his hygienists who explained that they were closed (due to the upcoming New Year’s holiday and the Doc. had travel plans) but due to the nature of my issue she wanted to set an appointment for when they were next open (Tuesday, Jan. 3rd) I normally take something for anxiety before a dental appointment but since I do not have a prescription for anything he calls it in before each appointment. She said she would give him a call. He called me within the hour to discuss the issue and it was then that I found out that he was actually already traveling. Turns out he was in the Seattle airport waiting on his connecting flight when he called me back. We discussed my issue and he called in prescriptions for antibiotics so they could get busy working right away. I really appreciated his prompt attention to my issue and his willingness to take the time while he is already on vacation; it demonstrates that his compassion and concern for his patients are truly genuine. His staff deserves a high five as well as they are always courteous and patient with my million questions. They are a group of fine folks at the Alaska Interior Dental Group that deserve kudos and high-fives all around!